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Both myself and my son (nearly 3) have been seeking Kinesiology treatment ...

Both myself (28) and my son (nearly 3) have been seeking Kinesiology treatment from Kerrilee for several months and beyond happy with the standard of treatment and results. Kerrilee has been assisting me with a life long battle with sugar addictio...

Jess S
Kinesiology has allowed me to keep on top of my game.

As a busy Professional and partaking in competitive sports at an age over 40, Kinesiology has allowed me to keep on top of my game. Kerrilee has been able to work on and alleviate the pain in my lower back. Kinesiology has also assisted me to wo...


Do you think about food?

By theProduct on October 20, 2015

healthy-life2Food, glorious food! We all have to eat, it is a fundamental requirement for our everyday survival. And up to a certain point we all think about food.

In today’s image focused world, all too often what goes in our mouth is being judged by someone and worst of all by – ourselves. Whether you eat a steady diet of fast food, paleo, clean, vegan, grain free, dairy free, sugar free and so on, have you ever considered how much thought goes into what you eat?

I mean, how much emotional energy and thought processing goes into what you choose to put in your mouth! How much do you think about food really?

There is more going on from a psychological and emotional perspective around food than one would think. A condition known as Orthorexia Nervosa is an unhealthy obsession with eating the right food. It literally means fixation on righteous eating. It becomes so encompassing that every other aspect of life falls into the background. Doesn’t sound too healthy really. Who would have ever thought that trying to eat the ‘right’ food could have such an impact on a person’s life!

What about people who think they are fat, when really they aren’t? There is a lot going on in the brain about food and our relationship to it.

The pressure we are under on a daily basis, about our relationship to food, can be linked with eating disorders – this of course relates back to the old grey matter and how we process our thoughts.

I would like to put out a challenge….. How many of you, especially us of the female persuasion, can, in all honesty just eat! Not think about the calories, the sugar, if it is good or bad, or full of fat, or make jokes about the piece of chocolate you are eating – you know the self-talk…….

If you can just eat – congratulations 🙂 If you discover that you can’t – do you think about food in a healthy way or an unhealthy way? If you are concerned it is not healthy, seek professional advice to help you shift the way you think about food and learn to enjoy all food has to offer without the guilt or excuses.

Yours in Health



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