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Both myself and my son (nearly 3) have been seeking Kinesiology treatment ...

Both myself (28) and my son (nearly 3) have been seeking Kinesiology treatment from Kerrilee for several months and beyond happy with the standard of treatment and results. Kerrilee has been assisting me with a life long battle with sugar addictio...

Jess S
Kinesiology has allowed me to keep on top of my game.

As a busy Professional and partaking in competitive sports at an age over 40, Kinesiology has allowed me to keep on top of my game. Kerrilee has been able to work on and alleviate the pain in my lower back. Kinesiology has also assisted me to wo...


Memoirs from the Womb

By theProduct on April 22, 2014

Memoirs from the Womb

At first you didn’t know what it was that I would need,
So anything that tasted good is what to me you did feed
I grew in your tummy, sharing everything you do
I know you didn’t realise all this junk for me was toxic brew
I shared in your burgers, I shared in your fries,
I even shared in several glasses of your wine.
You thought it best, giving into those cravings,
Though years off my life, you were actually shaving


Now I am here, taking actual breaths,
You are feeding me your milk, believing it is best,
But still you eat your burgers, your pizza and chocolate chews,
This is all being shared with me, cause remember you are really feeding two.
You wonder why I’m not developing like all the baby books say,
You begin to question what you’re doing wrong and if any changes can be made.
So you start to do some research, and learn about whole foods,
No longer will you do processed foods, no more junk for me and you.


You start on your new diet, although it’s really a change of way,
You fill your body with healthy foods and this is the way you’ll stay.
You have so much energy, you can’t believe it’s so,
You watch as my little body starts to finally grow.
I now sleep through the night and cry less and less,
You can’t believe how whole foods could really be the best.

healthy toddler healthy_eating_parents

The years go past swiftly, and you watch on in pride,
As I leap and bound through life, taking everything in my stride.
You spent time with me, learning the value of balance in all we share and do,
A little tv and video games, but sunshine and play are best for me and you.
So as I finish with my little memoirs from the womb
I want to say I love you and from me and my healthy heart – thank you.


Yours in Health


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