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Both myself and my son (nearly 3) have been seeking Kinesiology treatment ...

Both myself (28) and my son (nearly 3) have been seeking Kinesiology treatment from Kerrilee for several months and beyond happy with the standard of treatment and results. Kerrilee has been assisting me with a life long battle with sugar addictio...

Jess S
Kinesiology has allowed me to keep on top of my game.

As a busy Professional and partaking in competitive sports at an age over 40, Kinesiology has allowed me to keep on top of my game. Kerrilee has been able to work on and alleviate the pain in my lower back. Kinesiology has also assisted me to wo...

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History of Counselling Kinesiology

Gordon Dickson

Welcome to a little bit of history of Counselling Kinesiology. This modality – (type of)  is a beautiful blend of holistic counselling and kinesiology, developed by the well-respected kinesiology lecturer and author of “What is Kinesiology?” and “The Kinesiology Companion”, Gordon Dickson.

Gordon & and his wife Debra (Dip.Hom, Dip.Rem.Ther, Tas. Aux. Nurse) bring to Counselling Kinesiology (CKTM) a wealth of knowledge and have been teaching kinesiology students and practitioners throughout Australia since it was developed as part of the Naturopathy Diploma at the Melbourne College of Naturopathy in 1990.

In the 1990’s Gordon also collaborated with Charles Krebs to extend the Leaning Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAPTM). He is also a qualified crisis counsellor with SMERI.

Debra Dickson

Debra is well qualified and has enhanced the Counselling Kinesiology (CKTM) Program with Gordon. They are continually developing the program and have extended this program to include a specific module for relationship work.

Due to the volume of information, Counselling Kinesiology soon became a specialist training modality for Kinesiologists who wanted to be able to delve deeper assisting their clients with personal and relationship difficulties.

In mid-2008, the program was re-written to incorporate further study and research in Positive Psychology and Coaching.

Gordon & Debra found that there were many non-kinesiologists who wanted to do the Counselling Kinesiology training to help family and friends.  These people have been taught to use kinesiology as a tool to assist with emotional issues and have not been taught all the techniques of kinesiology.