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Both myself and my son (nearly 3) have been seeking Kinesiology treatment ...

Both myself (28) and my son (nearly 3) have been seeking Kinesiology treatment from Kerrilee for several months and beyond happy with the standard of treatment and results. Kerrilee has been assisting me with a life long battle with sugar addictio...

Jess S
Kinesiology has allowed me to keep on top of my game.

As a busy Professional and partaking in competitive sports at an age over 40, Kinesiology has allowed me to keep on top of my game. Kerrilee has been able to work on and alleviate the pain in my lower back. Kinesiology has also assisted me to wo...


True Inner Beauty

By theProduct on March 12, 2014

bouquet flowersHave you ever noticed a person’s reactions when they are presented with a bunch of flowers? The first thing they tend to do is bring the flowers straight to their nose and breathe in, ready to have their senses overloaded as they inhale the intoxicating fragrance of the flowers.

When, unfortunately more often than not, there is only the dull smell of plant, the person pulls back their nose and looks at the colourful bloom before their eyes. ‘Oh well, at least they are beautiful!’

 They put the fragrance-less flowers in a vase and go about their business, most likely hardly glancing again at the flowers until they are wilted and ready to be disposed of.

Now picture the garden of flowers from the lady down the road who has tended her garden for years and when you walk past her house you are captivated by the perfume saturating the air around you.
Again the scenario, the flowers are presented, the nose goes to the bouquet, but this time the person lingers, a smile spreads across their face and they are momentarily taken to another time and place.
When they finally pull their face away, they then look at the flowers and exclaim, ‘They are gorgeous!’

Several times before the flowers make it to the vase the face is again buried deep within the bunch and the person breathes in deeply and each time that faraway moment is returned.
Over the next week, the person walks into the room and breathes in the flowers, and smiles.

Unlike with the ‘beautiful’ flowers, when it comes time to dispose of the ‘gorgeous’ home grown flowers, there is a sense of sadness.

line flowers

This is an analogy of today’s need for beauty; for perfection of an outer glamour that everyone seems so desperate to duplicate. But like the genetically modified, fragrance-free flowers from the store, they are only skin deep. Initially, it’s ‘Oh they are so beautiful.’ But as one tends to dig a little deeper, they realise that those who chase the ‘perfection’ of society, there is no substance, no depth.

The garden grown, lovingly tendered flowers, may have blemishes, they may not have petals that sit perfectly, but the true beauty is what lies beneath – that fragrance. As the person pulls their face away, they no longer see the blemishes or the imperfections they only see the beauty within – gorgeous.

Next time you look in the mirror and you critique every blemish, every lump, bump and love handle. Stop!

field of daffadils

Think about the people in your life. Do they love you? Do they accept you for who you are? Do they make you laugh? Enjoy your quirks? Do they see the true beauty within?

When you answer yes!

Think of the perfumed flowers, the ones that have been cared for, pruned and developed for their inner beauty, and realise that is you.

Yours in Health


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