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Both myself and my son (nearly 3) have been seeking Kinesiology treatment ...

Both myself (28) and my son (nearly 3) have been seeking Kinesiology treatment from Kerrilee for several months and beyond happy with the standard of treatment and results. Kerrilee has been assisting me with a life long battle with sugar addictio...

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Kinesiology has allowed me to keep on top of my game.

As a busy Professional and partaking in competitive sports at an age over 40, Kinesiology has allowed me to keep on top of my game. Kerrilee has been able to work on and alleviate the pain in my lower back. Kinesiology has also assisted me to wo...


Why would I crave Onions?

By theProduct on October 14, 2013

onionsWhy would I crave onions?  That is a question that was put forth to me recently.  I am not a doctor so the information I am about to, have or ever will supply is based on information I have studied or sourced.

From the Reader’s Digest – Foods that Harm Foods that Heal and other sources I’ll link to throughout this article I have been able to find out some of the ‘why’s?’ to onion craving.

Now to the reader who thought there was something wrong with them! You, among the thousands of others who have this same craving, will be pleased to know that it is just the incredible nature of the body to alert you of what you are most likely lacking in your diet.

If you have read my article Why do you crave certain foods? you will note that usually your body is missing some vital vitamin or mineral that it requires.  Sadly, we become conditioned to ‘junk’ or ‘quick fix’ foods rather than the source of what we really require.

So back to onions!  Here are a few reasons why a person may have an onion craving:

  • Blood cholesterol levels are getting high
  • The body is trying to protect itself from osteoporosis
  • The body may be trying to expel something from the body (onions are used for chelation)
  • Onions can help minimize the risk of heart disease
  • Help stop blood clots
  • Help reduce the risk of cancer
  • Helps as a decongestant

The humble onion is part of the garlic family and whatever it is about onion and garlic they have been noted throughout the pages of history as a natural ‘cure all’

From a scientific point of view, eating raw onions helps to reduce cholesterol, they increase the body’s level of protein molecules that remove cholesterol from the body tissues and artery walls.  These clever proteins are called high-density lipoproteins (HDLs).

Amazingly this humble little food helps to protect the body against the effects of fatty foods.  It also helps to prevent circulatory diseases such as coronary heart disease, thrombosis, strokes and poor circulation.

According to research done at the University of Bern in Switzerland there is a compound in the onion that helps to reduce bone loss as found in osteoporosis Further information can be found at Science Daily

Onions are one of the highest sources of flavonoids which research has found is awesome for helping to prevent cancer.  The National Cancer Institute lists the benefits of this incredible food source. Garlic and Cancer Prevention



Now for all of those benefits there is always a down-side and that can often result in bad breath and flatulence.  The flatulence is caused by the sugars in the onion.  To get rid of the bad breath eat parsley afterward, drink mint tea or green tea.  Apparently if you eat mashed potato, carrots and mushrooms after eating garlic/onion it will help to remove the odor from your breath.   If you are really concerned about your breath clean your teeth as soon as possible after eating.  The bad breath comes from the break down of sulphur in the body.

So don’t be scared of your onions, embrace them.  But if you are having serious craving issues, as with all things in the body that cause you concerns, seek medical advice.

If there are other topics you would like to learn about, send me a message in the comments section – If I don’t know I will research and get back to you. 🙂

If you are looking at finding out if there is something your body is missing out on, book in a kinesiology appointment and I will food test your body to see what your body is missing – or maybe getting too much of.

Kinesiology is a powerful tool that keys into the body’s electrical energy system and the body through biofeedback let’s the practitioner know what is going on so that you can make the required adjustments to your diet or general wellness to bring your body back into a place of homoeostasis.

Have an empowered day

Yours in Health


Looking for more info on cravings? You can also check out Craving: Why We Can’t Seem to Get Enough where Omar Manejwala, an expert on compulsive behaviors, explains the phenomenon of craving and gives us tools to achieve freedom from our seemingly insatiable desires by changing our actions to remap our brains.

14 thoughts on “Why would I crave Onions?

  1. Mark says:

    I love onions, at least for flavoring foods. I have tried growing them from seed, but they never turn out in my garden. I have to plant them from bulbs.

    When I am stuffed up, especially with a bad cold I will cut an onion. It does a number on your sinus’s and cleans them out. It doesn’t help the cold at all, but it helps you breathe easier.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I do love my onions. I get them daily in one dish or another one.

  3. anisetta says:

    I got a laceration on my leg two days ago. It is small, but deep and very painful. It required stiches. Yesterday I found myself craving onions so bad. I had my sauted onions dish and it felt so good.

    This morning it was the same thing, an urge to have onions for breakfast, and some fruit on the side. I am not sure how onions help to close the wound, but there must be a connection since my body feels much better after I have my onions 🙂

  4. Healthy Diets says:

    Hi Kerrilee,

    This is a really informative post on Onions and I enjoyed reading it.

    Onions really are a “super vegetable”.

    Here’s a little trivia for you:
    Did you know that the ancient sailors often carried onions on their voyages as they kept well and they prevented scurvey?

  5. foot tattoos says:

    Onions are so good. We like them grilled or just sliced on the side. I enjoyed your information.

  6. Rita says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh I craved on onions and blood tests showed I had cholesterol levels higher than usual and a very fast heartbeat…115. I love this blog it is very very useful to nutritional guide…thanks!!

  7. Renee says:

    I stumbled across this blog, because my husband has had a cold for over a week now and tonight he started craving onions. I was like, what??? I’ve always known it is a natural antibody (along with garlic) but after reading this I’m guessing it was just his body’s way of saying, “onions will make me feel better and get rid of the congestion!” lol He ate some onions tonight haha, hopefully he feels better soon.

  8. Desiree' says:

    I have high Cholesterol So its very nice to know they help that. Also I had a surgery 5+ years ago that I never closed from and got Mrsr and its imbeded in the mesh so always battling that,who would have thought onions fight that. So not only are they wonderful n, they help with fighting Mrsr

    • theProduct says:

      Sorry for taking so long to reply. I am very happy that my article has been of comfort to you. I am still amazed at the humble onion and how it has so many healing properties. All the best for a wonderful, healthy and happy future.
      Yours in Health

  9. Kimberly Oconnor says:

    Lately I have been craving onions and I don’t know why. I do not feel sick, my cholesterol is great. The only times I ever had such strong cravings is when I was pregnant. I really don’t think I am pregnant because I had my tubes tied almost 7 years ago, but I also have had my cycle in a month. I have no idea what to think. Any ideas? Thank you.

    • theProduct says:

      Hi Kimberly

      Thank you for your message. I’ve been down with the flu for the past 10 days – so apologies for my late reply.
      I am not a naturopath or a doctor, so all I can advise is that you seek medical advice from a medical practitioner if you have any queries about your current health.
      I wish you well in your future.

  10. Kimberly Oconnor says:

    Excuse me.. I meant to say that i have not had my cycle in a month..

  11. Thanks for the information, that was very helpful as I was starting to get worried about the cravings. I started having cravings after pacemaker implementation, I can’t have a day go by, without having a large onion dish. I thought it was not good for me to eat onions daily. Thanks for your help.

    • theProduct says:

      Hi Boniswa,

      I am so glad the article helped you. Good luck with the new pacemaker. It’s a lot for the body to process and the body will do do what it needs to do to try and get that state of homeostasis again.
      Have a truly Empowered Day 😀

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